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Black Widow Films replaced Weta Films and is now an independent film production owned by Fred Potts.

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'Memoirs of a Vampire'
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Contributors:  If you are a filmmaker or?  please check out contributors there you will find different outlets that can help you make your film a success.  We are adding more contributors all the time so please keep checking back for the new added names.

Memoirs of a Vampire:  Poster, Cd, Photos behind the scene, Film clips plus more

Up Coming Films:  A list of our up coming/current projects with short previews.

Photos: A small group of behind the scenes photos from ''Night Gallery the Movie' project.

Contact us:  If you have questions or a product you would like us to try.
a Maori Film 
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I spend my time between the USA and New Zealand.

I come from the Cherokee People being my great grandfather was Cherokee..

My latest project
To see more photos of the Velicoraptor click on the WALKERS poster